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Langsomt Mot Nord remastering project

The three original LMN-albums from the 80s/90s were remastered in 2016-17. In the same period there was also created a new album, featuring Olav Snortheim, based on old tape-recordings. The albums will be published physically by Falck Forlag.

The albums were first offered by crowdfunding in February 2017 in a LP collector's box. This project did not reach it's goal, and was cancelled. In May 2017 the albums were offered in a CD collector's box. This time the goal was reached by 112%.

The CD colletor's box will be in shops november 17th, 2017. The albums will eventually be released digitally.

Side-Line Magazine published a review of the project, written by Jan Ronald Stange, in March 2017.

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  • Detailed information about our three albums, as well as some related material
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Information about Langsomt Mot Nord:

Langsomt Mot Nord

Members of the band

Instruments & Skills

  • Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming – Ola Snortheim
  • Guitars – Jørn Christensen
  • Keyboards, Synthesizers, Samplers, Programming – Jørn Christensen
  • Keyboards, Synthesizers, Samplers, Programming – Morgan Lindstrøm
  • Keyboards, Synthesizers, Programming – Espen Beranek Holm
  • Sampling – Jørn Christensen, Morgan Lindstrøm, Ola Snortheim
  • Sequencing – Jørn Christensen, Ola Snortheim, Morgan Lindstrøm, Espen Beranek Holm

Album Info

• Langsomt Mot Nord / LMN

  • Release Year – 1985
    Label – Famous Records
  • Reissue – 1989
    Label – Sonet
  • Producers – Snortheim/Christensen
The «Langsomt Mot Nord» and the «LMN» albums by Langsomt Mot Nord.
					Famous Records, LMN 101, LMNC 101. Sonet Records, KSCD 12.

• Westrveg

  • Release Year – 1988
    Label – CBS Records
  • Producers – Snortheim/Lindstrøm
The «Westrveg» album by Langsomt Mot Nord.
					CBS Records, CBS 461165 1, CBS 461165 2, CBS 461165 3.

• Hildring

  • Release Year – 1991
    Label – Origo Sound
  • Producers – Snortheim/Holm
The «Hildring» album by Langsomt Mot Nord.
					Origo Sound, OCD 9104.

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